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Slowly but surely, the confluence of computing, communications, television & consumer electronics is transforming our lives.  It is an equal-opportunity influencer on the home front - children, teens, adults, parents & even senior citizens ... nobody is spared these days.

Renting DVDs, playing video games, communicating via smartphone, instant messaging & e-mail, telecommuting, trolling for bargains online, uploading photos, downloading music.  And let's not forget signing up for that latest home-utility service: high speed  Internet access
... you get the picture ... all of these activities have begun pressing against one another or "converging".

Thanks to the emergence of home networks - the foundation for empowering the "connected" lifestyle - cost effective solutions can now be designed & configured in the home to create bridges from room to room as well as to the world outside.

With powerful desktop computers & other off-the-shelf consumer electronics products becoming plug-&-play commodities, with rapidly plummeting prices, there has never been a better time to consider integrating components within that highly personalized sanctuary you call home.

                          BUT WHERE DO YOU START?

Simple ... connect with MEDIA STRATEGO for a free consultation.
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Media Stratego is proud to bring a unique collection of technology products and services to a generation aging responsibly.  Please visit our sister company TellaBoomer TeleCare Services at www.tellaboomer.com to learn more about these innovative solutions available to meet the care needs of individuals, families and communities.

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