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Designing a blueprint vision to support your “electronic” lifestyle looks easy until you try it yourself.  That little “home entertainment system upgrade project” stretches on for months.
You would like to surf the web wirelessly from anywhere in your home but don’t know what’s involved.  Rooms within your house have now become a sea of unintelligent remotes, a vast wasteland of standalone, unconnected home computers & a battlefield of strewn electronic devices & flashy gadgets.  Perhaps all this technology was hastily adopted … & never really became “domesticated”.

                   Here's what a REA can offer you:

1. The ability to solve problems. Whether you're intimidated by computers, overwhelmed by consumer electronics or just want to develop a “game plan,” an REA knows what questions to ask & listens to your response.           6. Better quality and longer lasting impact. A vendor-neutral REA makes product & service recommendations compatible with your overall vision, regardless of what’s new, trendy or easily available.  

2. The expertise to prevent costly mistakes. Most people don’t know how to future-proof their investments. An REA does.7. Help with setting goals & priorities. REAs will develop a program catered to your unique lifestyle needs & budget.  Getting the biggest bang for your buck is the goal.

3. Access to a wide range of resources. REAs know specialists with unique products & services not directly available to the consumer.8. Arbitration with other parties. If there is disagreement about an approach or solution, you need a REA for a third-party decision.  He or she will reinforce communication & resolve disputes in a professional manner.

4. A rolodex of gold.
REAs know the best system integrators, interior designers, carpenters, builders & architects. 
9. The power to advocate with trades people & manufacturers. REAs set a high standard & long-standing business relationships give REAs more leverage to get things done. 

5. Guidance through the decision-making process.  An REA knows how to steer you through the discovery, design & deployment process & helps you make your own educated decisions.               10. The ability to get the job done.  REAs follow through on every aspect of electronic lifestyle design & ensure your complete satisfaction ... period.

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