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Partnering with MEDIA STRATEGO opens new opportunities to you as a Homeowner, an Architect, Builder, or Designer without the downside risk of jumping into this rapidly changing & challenging industry.

Here's just a few ways MEDIA STRATEGO can help you:

» Professional design service & assistance for distributed
   audio/video systems;

» Coordination & integrated control of all low-voltage
   subsystems including lighting control;

» Blueprint facilitation & documentation, structured wiring
   design, power & heat load calculations, site line &
   ergonomic studies, product location & bid specifications;

» "Personal digital trainer", advisor, project manager & 
   resource for client projects;

» Customized home theater design assistance;

» Home networking, shared broadband internet access,
   wireless computing & product specification;

We actively interact with a group of talented individuals in a variety of affiliated design fields & can broker these resources for you as needed.
We will take charge of overseeing that your particular project delivers results that exceed your expectations, whether your needs are an afternoon of new home or renovation project consultation or a completely customized whole-house design solution.

Allow us the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of earning your business ...

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