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Today’s existing & newly constructed residences are more than a mere collection of rooms … they are a collection of technology-laden environments that should interconnect & interact to entertain, inform, protect & comfort in ways many have not experienced before. 

Like the foundation, frame, drywall, & roof of a physical structure, the electronic "infrastructure-for-infostructure" needs to be planned for & engineered to support modern lifestyles.  Thus a new breed of design specialist has emerged known as a Residential Electronics Architect.

unique professional services company whose sole mission is to assist Architects, General Contractors, Interior Designers & Homeowners
today’s residential technologies & discover cost effective ways to weave communications, entertainment, security, safety, information, décor & atmosphere to support lifestyles … from the moment one wakes up ... until the end of the day.

By considering an underlying residential systems infrastructure design to interconnect & automate traditional elements within the home, you are future-proofing your family's ability to accomodate tomorrow's products & services & also increasing the intrinsic value of your home.

Company Philosophy ...

Everything we do as a residential electronics architectural firm begins with a focus on our customers. We work closely with each client to create highly personalized electronic lifestyle designs, execute your expectations & fit within your budget. 

As a pure design consultancy MEDIA STRATEGO maintains no vested interest in specific brands so we can remain objective in our design approach.  By remaining unbiased, we exclusively focus on well-engineered & fully documented, holistic design solutions, not on equipment up-sell opportunities.  Doing so allows us to tailor our recommendations to fit our Client's true needs.

About the Founder ...

With over twenty-five years in the field, the President of MEDIA STRATEGO, Mark Britton, specializes in systems engineering, design, technology management consulting, brokering creative partnerships & assembling key project team resources.

His diverse, professional background & work experience spans the Law Enforcement, Defense, Architecture & Engineering, Healthcare, Higher Education, IT/Software & Media & Entertainment industries.

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